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WE have ported there now established open-bolt gas-blowback rifle technology into this classic Russian pattern.

Mostly steel, the weapon has touches of polymer (like the furniture) but is otherwise all metal making it hefty and robust. Unlike AEG models, the top plate has zero wobble; this one sporting a rock solid attachment. The frame stock is also metal, it side folds to the right; full weapon length is 703 mm which drops to 500m when folded down.

It clocks in at around 380 FPS using Top / Green / propane gas and 0.2g 6mm BBs. The rate of fire is decent but not too high, just as well as this model has a 50 round magazine a enough kick to through your aim off on full auto if your not holding it firmly. The fire selector is just like the real thing, a right side lever (half position for semi, full down for full auto); when in safety, the lever prevents the bolt from full cycling.

The receiver includes the Soviet style side bracket for the addition of Russian style mount optics (not included). The outer barrel has 14mm clockwise threading although the flash hider spring-loaded stopper means you should probably stick the the stock flash hider anyway.