VDA Custom Fiberglass "Scarface Camo B" Full Face Mask With Mesh

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  • Crafted from high quality fiberglass for maximum durability and to be light weight
  • Individually hand crafted and hand painted
  • Unique aggressive look to enhance field presence
  • Ergonomic design with high density foam cushion pads for maximum comfort
  • Spider 5 Point strap
  • Contoured design for optimized air flow
The VDA Custom Mask series are genuine products brought to you exclusively by our artists and designers. These amazing designer masks are used by legions of competitive Airsoft players all over the world. Each mask is carefully hand-crafted and painted by master artists. The VDA Custom masks present both the world-class fine details of a collector's piece and high strength durability needed for various extreme sports and Airsoft skirmishes. Inspired by the latest trends, the VDA Custom masks are crafted specifically to provide you the most intimidating presentation on the battlefield.

Counterfeit Notice: These masks are genuine products made by original artists exclusively for Airsoft Imports. Counterfeits and clones are being spotted at various other retailers with low quality construction and finishes. Please be aware of fake products and support the original artists. These masks cannot be mass produced or cloned properly simply because of the level of craftsmanship and the amount of artistic detail involved in the construction of each mask.
Style: Scarface camo B
Material: Fiberglass
Size: One Size fits most
Lens: Mesh

Manufacturer: VDA Custom

About VDA Custom Masks

The VDA Custom masks are limited production masks by artists in the Philippines. Each VDA Custom masks are individually hand made to perfection and finished by an in-house VDA Custom artist to be truly one-of-a-kind, no two masks are identical! The VDA Custom masks are amazing true collector's pieces built to last in your Airsoft battle!