Umarex Legends Cowboy M1894 Lever Action Rifle- Gold

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  • True to life classic M1894.
  • Realistic lever action.
  • Individual cartridge loading and ejection.
  • Good for approx. 330fps.
  • Comes with a 10 shells.


    Length - 960mm
    Weight - 2596g
    Magazine Capacity - 10 shells
    Power Source - Co2
    Blowback - None
    Shooting Modes - lever action
    Hop-up - Fixed
    FPS - approx 370

    TheUmarex Legends Cowboy M1894 is a faithful replication of the famed gun featured in the "Wild West". The gun not only looks very handsome with its classic look in combination with weathering, but it also boasts an extremely realistic operation. Each BB must be loaded into individual shells which in turn must be loaded one by one into the gun itself. Each pull of the lever chambers the next round while ejecting the spent round exactly like the real gun!

    The M1894 is a Co2 powered gun and needs two capsules to operate. You place your Co2 in the stock of the gun and it takes standard 12g Co2 capsules.

    Its rear sight is adjustable for elevation and comes with one slight mount on the receiver.


    x1 Umarex Legends Cowboy M1894 Lever Action Rifle (6mm Version) - Gold
    x10 Shells.
    x1 Manual.

    ETA - 11th Novemeber