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Snow Wolf SW-01 sniper rifle (with scope)

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SW-01 sniper rifle replica (with scope) 

This is the first replica of the multi-caliber SW-01A sniper rifle. This model was made of steel and metal and the only parts made of plastic is the pistol grip. The replica’s body is made of bent steel ( it is about 730mm of a homogenous element! ). The multi-position foldable bipod is also made of steel. The inner barrel with the recoil reducer ( brake ) is made of metal. Inside the replica there is a 590mm long inner barrel. The magazine which is used in the SW-01 replica holds 20 BB pellets which are at each time put into the chamber by the charging the 4-stroke bolt ( just like in the majority of sniper rifles ). There is a 310mm long mounting rail located on the top of he replica which allows the mount of additional accessories.

Besides the aforementioned bipod the set also included a3-9x50 scope  which comes with a mount, a illuminatedMil-Dot reticle ( also with a reticle allowing to specify the distance to the target ). The illumination is adjustable in a 0 to 10 scale. The manufacturer ensures that the inner mechanism is fully compatible with the APS-2 mechanism. The Hop-Up system is located inside the magazine well. 

The set includes: 

- the replica
- a magazine
- a bipod
- a scope
- a 22mm RIS rail mount
- a RIS mounted carrying handle
- a BB pellet speed-loader

Details regarding the scope:

Length: 415 mm (including the sun-shader),
Lens’ diameter: 50 mm,
Magnification: 3-9 x,
Aiming reticle: Mil-Dot + range finder,
Reticle’s adjustment: yes,
Reticle’s illumination: yes, red,
Illumination’s adjustment: 0-10 x,
Lens’ covers: Yes, two flip-up type,
Color: black,
Weight: 600 g.

Replika karabinu snajperskiego SW-01 (z lunetą) - tan
Snow Wolf
6 months
Velocity [FPS]:
Propulsion / Powered by:
Spring powered
Type of fire:
Made of:
Metal + plastic
Plastic + steel
Lenght [mm]:
Inner barrel length [mm]:
Weight [g]:
Magazine type:
Low-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity [pcs]:
Yes, adjustable
Blow Back: