B&W Poseidon


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The safety is fully functional and disconnects the trigger action, meaning the weapon cannot be accidentally discharged. The pistol breaks down just like the real thing - a simple turn of the slide release lever with the magazine removed will allow you to remove the slide and access the hop adjustment. The stock hop unit in B&W pistols are surprisingly good, and when combined with high quality 0.25g BBs will provide excellent range and accuracy. We're also pleased to announce that their pistols are compatible with WE magazines so compatibility shouldn't be an issue.


  • Original M92 design
  • Gas blow back pistol
  • Full metal construction
  • Dual Action Trigger
  • Trigger disconnect safety
  • Can be fired by cocking hammer 
  • Appealing semi textured finish 
  • Pistol lanyard loop
  • WE magazine compatible

Package Includes:

  • B&W 92S
  • Magazine
  • User Manual