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LCT VSS Vintorez AEG

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LCT VSS Vintorez Airsoft AEG

Real rifle infomation.

The VSS is a suppressed sniper rifle that uses a heavy subsonic 9×39mm SP5 cartridge and armor-piercing SP6 cartridge. It was developed in the late 1980s by TsNIITochMash and manufactured by the Tula Arsenal. It is issued primarily to Spetsnaz units for undercover or clandestine operations, a role made evident by its ability to be stripped down for transport in a specially fitted briefcase.

Airsoft version.

Full metal receiver, silencer and sights.
Tough ABS plastic foregrip and 50 round mag.
Wood stock and pistol grip.
Single shot and full auto fire modes.
Adjustable Hop unit.
Steel side rail for mounting optics.
Front wired in silencer with mini Tamiya connector.
Battery: 7.4v Li-Po (Type 19) fitted with mini Tamiya (Not included)