G&G GR14 Black Stock (AEG)

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The rifle is constructed from a mix of aluminium, nylon fiber, steel, zinc and polymer, and is constructed with an alloy flash hider, outer barrel, sling mounts, trigger guard, sights, receiver and internals, and a polymer heat shield and stock. The weapon features a great build quality, with all the hallmarks of a solid G&G rifle, from a top quality exterior finish with great internal parts. The rifle itself is locked to Semi-Automatic which means it can be upgraded into a DMR in the future should you want to. The weapon features all the standard features of an M14, such as the Adjustable Integrated Ironsights, Satisfying Bolt / Charging Handle, Large Battery Space, and even comes complete with the Bayonet lug on the Flash Hider. Internally the rifle features an extremely long 510mm Inner barrel, and 18000rpm High-Torque motor to power the rifle, with the internals all checked over by G&G as seen by the Warranty Sticker Seal on the Gearbox. The weapon features an adjustable hop-up, which is accessible when the charging handle is pulled to the rear at the top of the weapon, which as the BB passes through adds spin giving the weapon more range and accuracy. This rifle is perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who are looking for a rifle to fit in with the US Army load out, or for those who are looking for a rifle to convert to a DMR in the future.

Other Features: 

  • Part of G&G's GR14 Range of M14 base Rifles
  • Electrically Powered Semi-Automatic AEG Rifle
  • Locked to Semi-Automatic, making it great for DMR Builds
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release and Safety
  • Trigger Lock Safety at the front of the Trigger Guard
  • Front and Rear Sling Loop Points
  • Bayonet Lug
  • Integrated Adjustable Ironsights for Windage and Elevation
  • Rail Mount Mounting Points
  • Satisfying Mock Charging Handle Noise
  • Functioning Mock Bolt Catch
  • Large Battery Compartment in the Stock
  • Large Tamyia Connector with In-Line Fuse
  • G&G Warranty Sticker Sealed Gearbox
  • 18000rpm Hi-torque Long Axis Motor