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AI Custom AKS74UN Tactical AEG

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Built from a formidable E&L AKS74UN Platinum AEG base, this rifle has been upgraded internally and externally by our comrades in the tech department to enable it to dominate the field. 'для матери России'

External upgrades include:

  • AD Zenitco B13 side mounted rail
  • AD Zenitco B11 lower handguard
  • AD Zenitco DTK-4 suppressor 
  • AD Zenitco RK-3 pistol grip
  • Magazine colour changed to plum (black)
  • Paracord on stock


Before sale this rifle will be upgraded internally with the following:

  • Full service (includes re-shimming and barrel polish)
  • Sorbothane pad installation to correct the angle of engagement and quieten the gearbox.
  • New piston with full metal rack, radiused and rails polished to allow better movement.
  • New shims
  • Madbull shark hop rubber
  • Upgraded spring

Add on's

  • Replica Kobra EKP 1S-03 red dot (£91.00)
  • Nuprol NX600S torch with pressure pad (£42.00)