A&K M249 PARA Retractable Stock AEG

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Used by a wide variety of military units across the globe, this is an accurate replica of the ‘Para’ variant of the M249 SAW, identifiable by its compact and retractable stock. Just like the real thing, this Airsoft replica M249 is a weighty beast! With the receiver, outer barrel, bipod and retracting Para style stock constructed from alloy, this rock-solid M249 tops the scales at a hefty 5Kg. The Para style stock is straight forward enough to use and operates by simply turning the locking lever and extending / retracting the stock to the required length. The M249 features a built-in bipod for firing from fixed positions, which folds up into the handguard when not in use. Each leg is height adjustable, and the bipod can rotate through its horizontal and vertical axis.    

As befits a squad support weapon, the M249 is supplied with a box magazine with a capacity of 2400 rounds. The box magazine can be operated and feed BBs in one of three ways: a constant automatic wind; sound activated, meaning it will only wind and feed BBs when it detects the sound of your M249 firing; or a pressure pad activated manual system. Whichever system you chose, the box magazine and the 2400 rounds will always be at your disposal. Should you (somehow) manage to expend all your ammunition, the M249 can also be fed from standard Airsoft STANAG / M4 AEG magazines, allowing you to keep in the game.

The top cover features a 20mm RIS rail, allowing the installation of any Airsoft optics or sights are you require. However, the M249 does possess built-in ironsights, which are fully adjustable for elevation and windage, and are very user-friendly.

The flash hider is removable, revealing a 14mm CCW thread, allowing you to install suppressors, tracer units and other muzzle devices to enhance the look or sound of this beast and truly make it your own unique Airsoft gun.

Whether you're going for a contemporary and modern-day realistic loadout, or simply want the ability to fill the air with plastic rain at a moment's notice, the M249 PARA is definitely the way to go


  • Solid construction (5kg+ build)
  • Accepts STANAG (M4) magazines
  • Included 2,400 box magazines
  • Auto / sound / pressure pad operated magazine
  • 14mm CCW thread
  • 20mm RIS top rail
  • Rotary HOP Unit
  • Easy to adjust HOP
  • Integrated bipod
  • Rear sling loop
  • Easy to use two position PARA stock
  • Thumb-through safety
  • Built in iron sights
  • Integrated carry handle

Package Includes:

  • M249 PARA Retractable Stock 
  • 2,400 Box Magazine
  • Pressure Pad
  • Sight Adjust Tool